Christmas lights after New Year’s Day: the comb-over of holiday decorations.

Reading the Wikipedia entry on “comb over,” I learned that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent on a “Method of concealing partial baldness.” Here’s the independent claim:

A method for styling hair to cover bald areas using only the individual’s own hair, comprising separating the hair on the head into several substantially equal sections, taking the hair on one section and placing it over the bald area, then taking the hair on another section and placing it over the first section, and finally taking the hair on the remaining sections and placing it over the other sections whereby the bald area will be completely covered.

I like the last line of the specification, emphasis added:

While the above describes the preferred form of this invention, it is apparent that modifications thereof may occur to those skilled in the art, that will fall within the scope of the following claims.

Did the inventors ever sue anyone for infringing on their patent? For example, maybe a character in a high-grossing movie used their comb-over, and the comb-over was key to the film’s plot.



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January 1, 2015 · 10:03 pm

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