Listen Up, Authoritarians: Make Everything Illegal, Create More Eric Garners

Robby Soave:

When a million things are highly regulated or outright illegal—from cigarettes to sodas of a certain size, unlicensed lemonade stands, raw milk, alcohol (for teens), marijuana, food trucks, taxicab alternatives, and even fishing supplies (in schools)—the unrestrained, often racist police force has a million reasons to pick on people. Punitive cigarette taxes, which disproportionately fall on the backs of the poorest of the poor, contribute to police brutality in the exact same way that the war on drugs does. Liberals [sic] readily admit the latter; why is the former any different?

More: Make Everything Illegal, Create More Eric Garners – Hit & Run :

“Liberal” is not a proper term for such authoritarians.  Some are better described as “progressive, social democrat, leftist, or left-liberal.”


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