Grocery bag bans suppress sales, jobs. At least in LA County. Are Boulder & Denver next?

In a previous post I summarized reasons that grocery bag bans (suggested for Boulder & Denver, CO) are a terrible idea.  Here’s another reason, from the National Center for Policy Analysis:

In July 2011, Los Angeles County banned the use of thin-film plastic bags for large grocery and retail stores in some areas of the county. In January 2012, the ban took effect for smaller grocery and convenience stores. The ban did not apply to any stores in incorporated areas of Los Angeles County. …

The survey found that following full implementation of the ban, sales increased at stores in incorporated cities compared with stores in unincorporated areas. …

The ban also negatively affected employment at stores inside the ban area. While every store inside the ban area was forced to terminate some of its staff, not a single store outside the ban area dismissed any staff. Stores inside the ban area reduced their employment by more than 10 percent. Stores outside the ban area increased their employment by 2.4 percent.

More: A Survey on the Economic Effects of Los Angeles County’s Plastic Bag Ban.


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