Quoted in Boulder Weekly on open space tax

I’m quoted in a Boulder Weekly article on a proposed tax for open space:

Not everyone is as supportive of the county open space program. Brian Schwartz of the Independence Institute, a conservative free-market think tank in Golden, says private funding should be used for land preservation, not public funds.

“Why not find sponsors?” asks Schwartz. “There should be ways to finance these purchases without tax money.”

Schwartz also suggests using volunteers to maintain the trails and other public amenities offered by open space.

I wrote about this in the Daily Camera in 2009:

Regardless of user fees, how about soliciting donations for trail creation, management, and maintenance? The Continental Divide Trail Alliance does this. Its website lists both individual and corporate donors.  Outdoor gear companies REI and Coleman each donated more than $15,000 in 2007.  Saloman and W.L. Gore also donated thousands of dollars. Like the “Adopt-a-Highway” program, signs at trailheads could recognize those whose donations support the trail’s maintenance.

Read the whole article: Open space trails: user fees & sponsorship, not taxes.


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