Tuesday @ noon: Honk against health care takeover

From Americans for Prosperity:

1.  Go to Honkno.com and sign up to take part in the “Honk Against the Health Care Takeover” event at 12 Noon your time [Tuesday].  It’s simple and fun.  You go to the website, punch in your zip code and up pops the closest congressional district offices to you.  You can print off a “Honking Against the Health Care Takeover” sign for your car.  Then, with this sign in your car or truck go to your congressional district offices and let them hear your horns and see your protest.  If you want to be a “car caravan” leader, you can punch in where you’ll be at 11:30am and ask fellow grassroots activists to join you!

2.  Make sure that you and every single person you know directly contacts Congress by calling, emailing and visiting your congressional district office.  Make sure to forward this email, and click HERE to contact your legislator now.

For health care talking points, check out my post at Patient Power Now:
Health care “reform” bill is immoral & won’t work


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