Contact your Congressmen: no on health “reform” & reconciliation

Tim Phillips at Americans for Prosperity summarizes the situation and has links to quick ways to contact your Senator and Representatives.  An excerpt:

President Obama finally made it official yesterday:  he wants Congress to ignore Senate rules – and the American people – and use a parliamentary trick called “reconciliation” to pass his health care takeover legislation.  Fortunately, there’s a catch: before the Senate can use reconciliation to force through Obama’s tweaks, the House would have to pass the Senate health care bill.  And we must stop them.

In his remarks the president demanded that Congress cave in and vote “in the next few weeks.”

The key vote will now occur in the House of Representatives – perhaps within 10 to 12 days – and we have to win it.  That’s because it’s impossible for the Senate to make changes via reconciliation until after the Senate bill has passed the House.  Of course, once the Senate bill passes the House, President Obama will sign it and it will become the law of the land – whether or not the reconciliation trick makes some changes around the edges. …

I’m asking you to take 3 steps.

1. Call and email your member of Congress in the next 24 hours.  CLICK HERE to email your member, and CLICK HERE to call your member; – based on your zip code we can provide the right information for your representative.  Tell them to vote NO on the corrupt, big government Senate health care takeover bill and tell them Americans do not want this parliamentary trick called “reconciliation.”

2.  Forward this email to your friends, family, co-workers, and fellow activists across the nation asking them to do the same thing.  They may not know how much the House vote matters. Your friends and family need to hear from someone they know and trust that now is a crucial time on health care and protecting our freedoms.

3.  Commit to being a part of the “Honk Against the Health Care Takeover” event on March 16.  Here’s how it will work.  On March 16 at 12 noon your time, we’re asking you to drive to your nearest congressional district office CLICK HERE FOR THE OFFICE NEAREST YOU and drive around the office for at least 15 minutes occasionally honking your horn. Our goal is to have Americans across the nation telling the politicians to keep their hands off our health care through this “Honk Against the Health Care Takeover” effort.

Read the whole post: The biggest health care vote yet.


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