Harry Kalas calls Mike Schmidt’s 500th home run

Harry Kalas died on Monday.   Bob Ford at the the Philadelphia Inquirer has a good story, and are the side bar links.  Also check out ESPN’s coverage and videos here, which includes a video narrated by Jayson Stark, who I grew up reading in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  It includes a the video and Kalas’s call of Mike Schmidt‘s 500th home run.  I get choked up watching it, and remember seeing it on TV, watching it & cheering with my brother Andy and his friend Phil in 1987*.   Here it is on mp3, with some music from This Week in Baseball in the background.  Or you can play it right here:


*OK, I don’t think Phil knew what we were all excited about, but that adds to the memory somehow.



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2 responses to “Harry Kalas calls Mike Schmidt’s 500th home run

  1. baseball still ain’t the same w/o Harry. the only voice I had ever associated with the game. 2 years later and I still miss his that golden voice

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