Colorado HB 1293: Prepare For More Expensive Medical Insurance

The Daily Camera published my thoughts on Colorado HB 1293:

Prepare For More Expensive Medical Insurance: the Senate Finance Committee has approved Colorado House Bill 1293. The Denver Post claims that this bill would reduce your insurance premiums. Not so. They will increase.

The Post claims HB 1293 would “increase the number of those covered by government insurance and thereby reduce cost-shifting” from the uninsured and under-insured. Sure, this cost-shifting increases premiums costs. But the cost-shift from those with government insurance far exceeds that from the uninsured.

In Colorado, the cost-shift from the uninsured increases annual premiums by $85 per insured Colorado resident. For the data behind this, search on-line for “uninsured cost-shift scam.” Compare this to Medicare and Medicaid: Bloomberg recently reported that “Medicare and Medicaid increase the annual cost of covering a family of four by $1,788.” As if the taxes we must pay to fund Medicare and Medicaid weren’t enough.

If politicians want more affordable insurance they should repeal prohibitions that make it so expensive. For example, HB 1256 would allow Coloradans to buy insurance available in other states. In four states average annual premiums for individual plans cost $500 less than in Colorado. For family plans the potential savings increases to $1,000 in five states, according to America’s Health Insurance Plans.

Government-controlled health care in the U.S. is a disease masquerading as its own cure.


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