Former Boulder Mayor discusses my mandatory charity critique

Former Boulder mayor Bob Greenlee devoted a column in the Daily Camera to respond to my criticism of the so-called “Worthy Cause Tax.”  Some excerpts:

Brian Schwartz, a member of the Camera’s editorial advisory board, authored the commentary saying that asking voters to approve ballot issue 1B and renew the “Worthy Cause” sales tax this November would continue to be “immoral-regardless of how worthy the cause.” He made a number of astute observations including offering an opinion that simply having a “compulsory charity tax represents the tyranny of the majority” which is unfair to a number of local nonprofits that might not be able to receive one of the few “government subsidies” the tax would support.

There’s little doubt that many of the concerns Schwartz expressed are both heartfelt and valid. Imposing the will of the majority, however, is certainly not without precedent in Progressive Boulder …

It’s difficult to dispute many of the arguments Schwartz makes


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