Translight Photonic Crystal Modeling Software

Translight Photonic Crystal Modeling Software
by Andrew L. Reynolds

Translight 3.01 (for Windows, on Google docs)

Source code (zip, Google docs)

Translight Manual (pdf)

Cosmo VRML Viewer
I used to use this with Internet Explorer, but as noted on the NIST
link above, it may not work after April 2006. Following the instructions
on the NIST link above, I installed it successfully on Opera, though I
had trouble with Firefox (multiple tabs opened).



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6 responses to “Translight Photonic Crystal Modeling Software

  1. nobee

    Hi can I get a Ubuntu version of translight??

    • Have you tried the source code on this page? Maybe you need some tinkering for it to compile on Linux. Yet, it is a GUI, so maybe it only works on Windows. Translight uses the same algorithm as Pendry’s “Photon” which is all text-based. But maybe Photon does not have all the geometries or flexibility of incident angles. Good luck.

  2. nobee

    Thanks Brian,
    I tried to install on Windows, but there was one page GUI and it asking me to run and I do not where it is storing the output values. I will have a look on it soon and give you more detailed reply.
    Could you please suggest me any TMM soft wares that are not much out dated and really can be installed easily. I am not good at technology, please suggest me if you find any easily usable software.

    Many thanks,

  3. I think the output files are written to the same directory as the Translight.exe file. Have you read the manual?

    Off the top of my head I can’t recommend other TMM software. MIT has MIT Photonic Bands and MEEP. I don’t think they are TMM, though. But they are free, and MEEP is maintained.

    I’m curious, are you affiliated with a research institution (physics, engineering department) or a company of some kind?

    Any software, especially non-commercial (free) software, has a learning curve. You need to be methodical and patient.


  4. nobee

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your suggestion. As I said before, I am not good at linux to compile the source code as installable program. Instead I installed windows version on Ubuntu through wine. For the time being I am just reading the manual, I hope to work on it soon.

    I installed meep, its nice. But I could not install the MPB correctly. I am struggling with that at the moment.

    I am a graduate student. In future I would like to work around the source code of Translight to install on Ubuntu.

    Do you use Translight at any time, or do you know any one still using it ?? Also any idea about the CAMFR updated code (not the out dated one) ??

    Many thanks for your help. By the way your blog posts are nice.

    • I used Translight for my PhD work, which I completed in 2005. I haven’t used it since, and I don’t know of anyone who uses it. (Not that I would know, really.)

      Whatever code you use, I recommend starting by modeling something that you know what the answer is. That is, start with something that works, and slowly change the input in the direction of what you actually want to model.

      For example, w/ Translight you can find the reflection vs. incident angle & match that to theory.


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