Rocky Mountain News posts my Guns on Campus on-line comment

I wrote:

Is it fair to report that CU student Matthew Furnish’s “crime” was possession of “deadly weapons” — especially in the caption under his photograph? (News, April 20) Might have “firearms,” used later in the article, been more neutral? How would the News report the life-saving acts of Kenneth Hammond of Ogden, Utah, or assistant principal Joel Myrick of Pearl, Mississippi? Each used a firearm — in a “gun-free zone” — to stop criminals who had opened fire in mall and a school, respectively. Would the News refer to guns as “implements of life-saving self-defense”?

Adults with permits can legally carry concealed firearms in Utah schools and universities, where there have been no mass-killings. In Utah, those sufficiently trained to have conceal-carry permits can deter and heroically stop violent criminals. At CU, they are felons. CU’s prohibition of firearms for self-defense purposes leaves students, staff, and faculty defenseless against deranged school-shooters.

The comments so far have been pretty good.


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