spontaneous order

In the spirit of appreciating when things work, even the very little things…
Last night I was next in line at OfficeMax between the only two open registers.  I figured it was silly to choose a line when I could straddle them and go to the one that’s available first.  To make my intention clear I stood back a few steps and toward the midpoint between the registers, hoping that if any customers approached, they would get the idea, even though OfficeMax doesn’t operate that way.  Two guys come up speaking a foreign language to each other, choose a line, then look at me, realize what I was doing, and back off to give space.  I don’t think we even exchanged words until I thanked them.

Now if only traffic could work that way when merging lanes.  What can you do about the drivers who merge late by passing 20 or 30 cars, and then having the nerve to try to get in?


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