Is it ethical to accept payments from a class action lawsuit?

As a long-time Sprint customer, I am eligible for “benefits” resulting from the Benney Lundberg settlement, which concerns allegations that Sprint was fraudulent, deceptive, etc. about their billing policies.  Yet, given what I’ve read about class action lawsuits, for example, by Peter Huber and John Stossel, we are generally “overlawyered.”  My understanding is that lawyers can use the lawsuit to extort money from companies, as a settlement is often costs less than defending oneself is.  So, what to do.  If I send in the form claiming my share of the loot (hey, maybe Sprint really did commit fraud), I’ll get somewhere between $50 and $170 over two years – should I stick with Sprint.  Not bad for a few minutes work.  I suppose that if I knew Sprint were innocent, I’d donate that money to the merry band of litigators at The Institute for Justice.  Or maybe I should do that, anyway.


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