suspicion(less)* driver, helmetless biking, topless basketball,

Late Saturday morning I road my new snazzy bike around Boulder and observed a few notable items. (1) I leaving a store where a man was asking for directions. He’d left his car running with the door open just outside the store. Sure he’d be in there for about 15 seconds, but I’m too much of a control freak to do that.

(2) For the second time during that week, I saw someone biking with, but not wearing, a helmet. What!? I mean, if I was not aware of the idea of biking with a helmet for safety purposes, and for some reason needed to bring a light-weight helmet with many vents, made for other purposes of course, with me on a bike trip, it might occur to me that wearing it would be easier than having it swing from my handlebars or my back pack. But hey, that’s just me.
(3) Speaking of alternative universes, I saw a man and a woman playing one-on-one basketball on a school yard court. It was quite hot outside by this point, and neither wore shirts. On a cooler day, I can imagine, given her cup side, that a sports bra would have added comfort, but it was hot. The funny thing was how ordinary it seemed, as I almost had to remind myself that it was not ordinary.

* My plethora of readers, feel free to suggest a replacement for “suspicion(less)” above that ends in “less.” Fearless is close, but not quite right.



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6 responses to “suspicion(less)* driver, helmetless biking, topless basketball,

  1. As an alternate to suspicionless, how about “trusting”?

  2. As an alternate to suspicionless, how about “trusting”?

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