DC Comedy Fest

Last night I saw a few acts in the 2nd annual DC Comedy Fest. One set included three stand-up acts, and two of them were actually good, which was a pleasant surprise, as stand-up is pretty tough compared to other forms of entertainment. For example, I can enjoy a local amateur rock band as much as, or possibly more so, than highly-accomplished professionals who are the best at their trade. Not these these were amateur comedians, but bad stand-up is just, well, bad. Notable sketches were “Douchbag” by Somebody’s in the Doghouse, a duo including Leah Gotcsik, who was in my year at Swarthmore.  (Another Swattie, Sarah Nusser, brought the event to my attention.  Thanks!) Check out “Missy and her Android” at their myspace page. Elephant Larry had a few good sketches, including an Irish sea shanty competition in the spirit of (I suppose) those in slam poetry or rap. Too bad I couldn’t find a link to this on their videos.

When I get settled in I intend to try out some improv comedy classes.


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