280 Z, Yeah.

A few weeks ago I was at a red light when a man driving a Datsun (not Nissan) 280 Z pulled up in the lane to my left. It was silver with shiny chrome hubcaps, and was in excellent condition. According to a Wikipedia page, this car was produced between 1976 and 1978. Datsun 280Z I looked the car back and forth (so to speak), & thought, or even said to myself, “Yeaaahh,” in a very satisfied way. I suppose that, in an instant, I had recognized a thing of beauty and accomplishment of maintaining it (not to mention nostalgia). Then, perhaps feeling the pride the driver must have in it, I made eye contact, nodded, and gave him a thumbs up, which he returned. A fine moment.


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Filed under achievement, gratitude, vignettes

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