Bag it.

I was at Trader Joe’s the other day and it was rather crowded. It’s amazing how many people are there on a weekday afternoon. Don’t they have jobs or something? Anyway, the woman in front of me had a fair amount of groceries and was just standing there as the checker scanned the items and the items accumulated by the bags. How could she not bag? I suppose there’s a good argument for that: the store made a decision about how many people would work that shift, and effectively chose to save money on labor at the expense of slower lines and possibly fewer customers. Yet, some reasons for you, as a customer, to bag your own groceries are (1) you get out faster, (2) wouldn’t you want the people in front of you to get out faster?, (3) What else are you doing at that time? (4) For stores like TJ’s that have paper bags with handles, bagging is a spatial relations challenge and the items don’t collapse and spill out as they do with plastic ones. And how can anyone resist that?

I mentioned the above musings to the woman behind me in line, and yes, I felt like Larry David.


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