Toques, video games, and the “logic” of collective action

I was wondering about this, i.e., their shape, look, etc., yeserday at the Wilson Center. A guy who works in the kitchen wears one, but is he really a chef? Does one need to be a certified chef to wear one?

Malcom Gladwell’s review of Everything Bad Is Good for You is a good read, as are most of his articles.

I’ve also been reading Demosclerosis, a book by Jonathan Rauch based on his orginal article of the same title. The book was reissued in ’99 under the title Government’s End: Why Washington Stopped Working, which is a bit more paletable. Anyway, it’s about Mancur Olson’s Logic of Collective Action and Public Choice Theory applied to politics of the ’90s. Quite depressing, actually. Sort of makes me want to leave D.C. and contribute to making huge profits. Of course, this will increase tax revenue for the beast. And this thought, allows me to recall yet another article I read on the Metro, Politics is not the Problem.

Not there aren’t real policy issues to hash out, such as those addressed in this film screening next week.

So that’s a snapshot into my mind these days.


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