Braille PDA and hooray for insurance!

Yesterday I saw a blind man on the Metro with a device I’d never seen before. I figured it was a Braille e-book reader, but when I asked him, he said it was a PDA with which he could read his e-mail. Impressive. I found one on-line by Googling “Braille PDA.” Approaching him was odd, as I could not make eye contact, and since the train was moderately crowded, I wonder if he knew someone was approaching him to ask a question. I felt a little scared approaching him, actually, but knew I’d regret not asking him a simple question. I mean, why treat him any differently? Alas, when I asked him, I said that I’d never seen anything like that before, but I think he took it as an idiom.

Tonight I locked my car keys in my trunk after returning from Trader Joe’s. See, the bag fell over and the bananas were caught under the softball bat. So I tossed whaetevr was in my left hand, hat and keys, apparently, into the trunk. Doh. My national insurance company dispatched a local locksmith who arrived within an hour. (Free-markets at work!) He had some nifty tools. The method that worked involved … wait a second … should I be writing this? Well, there is, which has many tools. Take your pick. It was almost worth the slight panic and hassle of locking the keys in the trunk in the first place.


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