A little knowledge…and a #1 Google hit!

to jot down before I forget.

First, the July 22 episode of This American Life (Ep. #293) sounds quite good. I caught just a few minutres, but someday, yeah, someday, I’ll listen to the rest.

A few years ago I read psychologist Timothy Wilson’s Strangers to Ourselves and enjoyed it quite a bit. This book sat on the fence between being directed toward academics and for a popular audience. Now there is one on a related and perhaps borader for a popular audience, Blink by Malcom Gladwell, who cites Wilson’s among others, including Antonio Damasio. His Gladwell’s suggested reading list is worth taking a look at. Yet, he does not mention books by Thomas Gilovich or Robert Cialdini.

Wow! I Googled “Cialdini” and my page, linked above, is the first hit! Spooky.


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