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One movie I did not mention in the May 29 post was Sideways. Jo Ann Skousen wrote a good review of it in the April edition of Liberty Magazine. Too bad it’s not on-line. I’ll exceprt some quotes when I get a chance. When I was back East I read an article about Paul Giamatti (co-star of Sideways and son of Bart Giamatti, former Yale President and baseball commissioner) in Time, where the movie’s director Alexander Payne says

It’s my hope that we’re getting into an era where the value of a film is based on its proximity to real life rather than its distance from it.

Yep, that’s pretty much why I did not like Sideways, a movie about a couple of losers who remain that way. From my limited knowledge of aeshetics, Payne seems to embrace Naturalism, as oppposed to say, Romanticism. Perhaps I can find a good article on this as applied to film.


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