Dissertation update

Had I posted this a few weeks ago, I might have used the word thesis, but Tyr informed me that dissertation refers specifically to a PhD. Anyway, an academic journal has accepted for publication what will become chapter 3 (of 6) of my dissertation, “not counting the mezzanine,” err, introduction.

For the final chapter I need to compile some Fortran code. Fortran 77, actually, which reminds me of Talking Heads 77 in nomeclature. Anyway, I don’t have a clue about this language, so I went poking around the Electrical and Computer Engineering department (“my” department), asked a the computer systems manager if he knew anyone. He did not, but a professor working in the room at the time chimed in and said he knew Fortran, and helped me in the way I needed. I knew there was something I was not getting, but did not know what, and he cleared that up within 30 seconds. So that is great.

He also prefers being addressed as “Professor,” which is a first for me in all my years as an undergraduate and a graduate. I said that was refreshing, but could not quite articulate why beyong it’s being similar to dressing up to go to work. It has to do with rank and respect for achievement and wisdom. And clearly in that situation, as this professor had knowledge of a computer program that is becoming increasingly scarce. Still, I’m not completely comfortable with it, but there’s something to it.


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