I was at a plant nursery the other day and I was pleasantly surprised to find some very nice looking ones. The employee (or owner, perhaps), Sean, told me about a video series he saw, The Private Life of Plants. One plant, I can’t recall the name, was a type of vine that grew on top of trees, created a ball-like bundle of seeds that eventually fell off the tree and broke upon hitting the ground. Seeds had a very short time, ~14 hours, to take root and find a tree to grow on. Otherwise, they would die. Apparently the video showed this process in a time-elapsed manner. Sean also told me about the corpse plant, which smells like, well, a corpse, attracts insects.

On a completely inane note, I bought a cleaning product that claims to have a “clean scent.” What does that mean? Usually clean denotes a lack of an scent. Surely a clean carpet smells, well, like tiny carpet molecules, unless it was recently “cleaned,” so it smells like, uh, the cleaning agent? So the “clean smell” is the smell of whatever soap was used to clean. Clearly there’s a redundancy here.

Linked from Geekpress.com, penny sculptures. People do some strange things.


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