Luna at the Fox Theater

On Monday evening I saw the band Luna perform in Boulder. Great show. Often at concerts I find myself thinking about what the next song will be before the current song is over. This time I was quite absorbed in the moment, enjoying the song in the present. They sounded great. No gimics. During an extended version of a song I realized that the drumming created a tension that reminded me of The Feelies, especially Track 4 (Forces At Work) on Crazy Rhythms, which I wrote about in my May 22 ’02 post. After the concert I read that their drummer, Stan Demeski, played for The Feelies. But … he joined them after Crazy Rhytms, and left Luna in ’97. So, uh, nevermind.

Last week I was at a party where the host played records instead of CDs. He has a nice collection, and claims that records do sound better. There’s a reason, too, and HowStuffWorks has a <a href="”>good article on it. There’s also an article, somewhere on-line, where someone digitizes some songs from records, and the same ones from CDs, and compares their spectral content. It was pretty neat. The test for me is to hear the same song on vinyl and CD played at the same time, and switch from one to the other using the receiver. Next time I’m at that house I’ll bring my Talking Heads Remain in Light CD.


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