The world’s most inappropriate wedding toast.

I heard this story on NPR’s This American life. A good one. I was also pleased to hear a funny bit on A Prairie Home Companion from the Ketchup Advisory Board.”. This link even has the audio. Is the Internet great, or what? Anyway, it was nice to hear, as recently I’ve been turning off A Prairie Home Companion because it just was not funny to me.

Maybe it was the title of Garrison Keillor’s book, Homegrown Liberal that turned me off. Liberal. The term is almost meaningless these days. So he’s a big-government left-winger instead of a big-government right-winger. Ooh. Anyway, this article in Front Page Magazine, which is probably a bit too sympathetic to Republicans for my taste, is pretty good. I guess I’m just disappointed when people fall into the “my team is better than yours” mode of politics, where anyone who disagrees with your views are considered heartless bastards, and can publish a book about it. Real productive. I mean, it just allows people to get more entrenched in their own views. And here’s where I could like Mike Huemer’s paper on “why political beliefs are irrational.” But why link it (again), when there’s Google?


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