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Christmas was such a special occasion that I had the opportunity to watch a rerun of a recent Saturday Night Live. It has not changed, for better, or for worse. I got to see Eminem, uh, “perform,” if you can call it that. One skit to appreciate was that of an immigrant who’d just gotten his citizenship asking people at some New York landmark with a name like Democracy Center, or something. Really, I guess I should know what this is. I just took at as one more example of democracy-worship (see my October 16 post, all you readers out there…). Anyway, they guy approached people and asked them why they are proud to be an American, and just as the person began to speak, he walked away. Hilarious.

Walking out of Target today and this guy offered me $2 to drive him a few blocks. That’s just weird. He was in “a big rush,” he said. I mean, how much would I really accept? My main concern is that he’s a nut, and would either steal my car, hurt me, or both. So it would not really matter to me how much her offered, would it?


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