Fun with yoga

I’m taking an Ashtanga Yoga class on campus, and I experience a rather wide range of feelings. Pain: navasana, which strengthens the abs. Laughter (not really a feeling, but..): I can’t find the pose, but it’s one where the instructor says “it’s OK to bend your knees,” and my knees are almost bent all the way, so that must be more-than-OK. The crane was also fun, you could hear a “thump thump” indicating the a student fell forward. I laguhed more when it was me. Wonder: binding poses, such as this one, which involves wrapping one arm around your knee, say, or over your head, and rewaching the other way with the other arm to hold your hands. Somehow I’m much better at this than the other poses, which tend to require flexibility in the legs. For these, I suppose it helps to have long arms and little body fat or muscle – so the arms can wrap around things. Hmm. Also wonder: lotus position where you hop around in it. I got into a half or quarter(?) lotus, and proceeded to pop open like a spring the instant I tried to move. I guess I’m marvelling at the contortionist aspect of all this, which can be entertaining along the line of “stupid human tricks”,though yoga is considered to be a spiritual practice.


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