A couple good articles

The Unpolitical Animal: How Political Science Understands Voters, thanks to Will Wilkinson’s blog. Also read Why People Are Irrational About Politics.

Also, from Reason.com, Transhumanism: The Most Dangerous Idea? Why striving to be more than human is human. OK, maybe it’s time to get to sleep, get up, figure out my current obstacle in my research (Hey, maybe it’ll be profound!), finish that paper, and the other one, and do that other thing … graduate, and go in to science and technology policy.

Regarding my “Fear This” post, below, my friend Andrew wrote me the following:

Maybe we should have Fear This stickers on cop cars.
Reminds me that I meant to share this with you:http://www.chp1199.org

Check out the membership page. For an appropriate donation, The CHP 11-99 foundation will be happy to give you a license plate and registeration holder.

Check this out: http://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/Miscellaneous/SpeedingTickets.htm

How Can I Avoid Tickets?
… The next most important thing to do in IMO is to locate and become a member of a charitable organization that supports your State Police.

Ours is the California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation, “An organization devoted to the welfare of widows and dependents of the California highway Patrol”. It’s a BIG THING with CHP officers, who have given me a real break on several occasions when I was expecting the worst. Sometimes they’ve pulled up behind me and then veered off when they spotted my 11-99 license plate frame. 11-99 is the CHP radio code
for an officer needing assistance.

I guess it’s more civilized than simpling handing cash directly to the officer.


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