Fear This!?

A few people, men, I assume, have a sticker across the top of their windshields that say “Fear This!” I don’t get it. Sounds a bit Hobbesian.

Last week I saw John Deer hats and t-shirts on sale in a department store. Apparently the “farmer look” is in among upper-middle-class suburban youth. There at least one web site devoted to this stuff. About ten years ago the “grunge” was in, where again rich kids dressed to look poor, or at least like someone of a different socio-economic class. Actually, this was the subject of my first article published in college. Hmm, my style has mellowed out a bit since then. So, what’s next, the plumber look? We’re almost there with low-cut jeans. How about a black smith?

Found on Geekpress: optical illusion, and a funny but costly error in translation.


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