Still marveling at object permanance

This morning I again wondered “where has all my lip balm gone?” I have at least four dispensers, and invariably they disappear. Most often I find them in a par of pants or shorts I had not worn in a while, and this morning was no exception. A prize find, indeed, this one had SPF 15! But again I marvel that it was still there. Apparently in this respect I have the brain development of an eight-month old infant, as by this age they develop the concept of object permanence. After some introspection, which is not too reliable, according to the book Strangers to Ourselves, I realized what implicit thoughts fueled my surprise:

See, the atoms making up the lip balm and container talk to eachother, and since I pretty much forgot about their existance, they felt ignored, and figured they had no purpose in life. “He does not even know we exist! Let’s go where we’re more appreciated, or at least noticed … yeah, let’s get him!” the head-molecule decried. And they go off to where they are more appreciated, or transform themselves into some nasty bug that haunts me in my apartment, and I never find the lip balm.

Yep, that’s what goes on behind the scenes in my head.


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