Home runs and the c-word

First of all, I don’t know if this is true. I have not looked at the data. But say it is. It could be that the ballparks are smaller, or that the pitchers are worse, that the hitters are better or stronger. Perhaps the bats are different. Yet, some researchers at the University of Rhode Island looked at the balls. Pretty neat. Surely there’s a more comprehensive article about this. In any case, a home run is among the most boring way to score in all of sports, but TV news loves showing them. Bummer.

A few nights ago I watched an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry David used the “c word.” Yeah, I know, he’s a dumb ass. Still, he had a point that there’s a double standard, there being no equivalent word for male anatomy that is so offensive. I mean, the c-word is the worst, much worse that the f-word. But why? It really packs a punch. And then there’s the whole censorship thing, as if words carry some strange magical power. Anyway, I should look into why the c-word has its status, and for how long it’s been this way … are there equivalents in other languages, or in England, Australia, or other English-speaking countries? Does each language have a word that carries the most taboo? Hmm.


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