I was dancing in Larry David’s Bar

Finally, finally, I saw an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm with a happy ending: Season 3: The Grand Opening. Things were looking pretty grim for the opening of Larry David’s restaurant, as the chef had Tourette syndrome, he was visible and in ear-shot of the the dining area. But what a reframe! Things ended up well, and oddly enough, the show ended without everyone hating Larry.

See, I was just about to give up on that show. It was a love/hate type of thing. Perhaps I identified with Larry too much. In his best moments, of course. Often the show would end, and I’d feel bad – as if I’d just had an argument with everyone I know, or that I’d have one with the next person I encountered.

On another topic, Walmart has 88 cent music downloads. No Beatles, really. But they do have a bunch of Jonathan Richman. Yet, his song “I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar” is listed as “I Was Dancing in the L*****n Bar.” What? What year is this?


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