Woman bites off man’s tongue

The local FOX affiliate reported this story about a woman who bites off a piece of her boyfriend’s tongue. The newscasters Libby(?) Weaver and Frank(?) Zappolo (no, dummy, “Ron”! “Frank”?! ha ha) were doing the show, and after the report, the camera is on Zappolo, and he says “And as we know, it could have been worse.” At this point, both of them just LOST IT! The next story was about http://www.treatsfortroops.com, but neither of them could keep a straight face, and they giggled through it. Zappolo kept slowly chopping his hand in front of him, as if the scene was finished, and he could move on. But he couldn’t!

It was just great. Both of them stepped out of character, so to speak. Weaver asked Zappolo if he was OK, and he said something like, “Yeah, I’m OK,” but you could tell that anything could set them off again. I rarely watch the local news, but this was quite worth it.


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