Entering College Freshman born in the ’80s

Earlier this week my friend Dominic forwarded me Beloit College’s Class of 2003 Mindset List, which lists many things the class is not familiar with because most of them were born in 1981. Dominic writes

This is why we all think our grandparents are nuts when we talk to them – different shared life experiences. Just remember that next time you reference any of the following to the “younger crowd” and they look at you like you’re nuts.

My thoughts: Many or all of the items listed concerned technological advancements. If they did not, they concerned fashion or pop culture. Question: before the 20th Century, could such a list be compiled, or did fashion and technology change at a much slower pace? I’m confident that technology did, and would not be surprised if fashion changed more slowly, too. Such change may be the luxury of affluence. Given that, was there still a “generation gap” back then, i.e., did kids think their “grandparents are nuts”? By Dom’s conjecture, and if technology and fashion did not change much, they did not.


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