The best is the enemy of the good

This is really embarassing. I can’t remember the last time I did this: I struck out looking, in softball. Just watched two pitches go by. First one, inside and short, nicks the “fang” of the matt. Second one, inside and long, but catches the edge. There was that split second of “oh crap” after I’d decided not to swing. I’d gotten three hits before that, and two of them were on outside pitches, so I could really see the ball well. So I was looking for outside pitches, and I guess the pitcher changed his strategy, or maybe he had none. Or maybe I have no excuse, and mentally zoned out.

Lesson: Perfection is the enemy of the good. According to an article I found on-line, it’s “The best is enemy of the good”, and Francois Voltaire said it, and yes, he has a first name. He had some other good quotes, too, and if this article is accurate, I might like his politics.


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