Michael Faraday: inventor of the whoopie cushion?

A reader of my blog from Palo Alto, CA…who am I kidding, the reader from Palo Alto informed me that the correct spelling is “whoopie”, and the history of the Whoopie Cusion is at the web site for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Apparenly this orchestra used one in their performance of Pegasus. Maybe I can download that. More interesting is that the Dallas Orchestra page credits physicist Michael Faraday for the invention in 1824, although he had a different purpose in mind (see Dallas link above). Faraday is best known for “Faraday’s Law of Induction”, which, if I recall correctly (which I should) states that a time changing magnetic field can induce a current in a wire. But, more relevant to this discussion, Faraday is credited with the invention of first rubber balloon, according to balloonhq.com. Here, they write that animal parts, including the stomach, have been inflated for various purposes. So I guess I was partially right.


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